Carry on Quilting: Professional Quilting Service

About Us

We provide a professional longarm quilting service that is located in North County Dublin, Ireland. The founder Jackie Preston has been operating for the last six years and is a member of Irish Patchwork Society and the Quilters Guild of Ireland. She has fourteen years experience in quilting and attends Lusk Quilters Group every week. She upholds a very professional standard that is shown in her dynamic quilts.


Carry on Quilting services uses a computerized Statler Sticther Gammill machine which stitches a pattern of your choice onto your quilt.  
Wadding is available to purchase upon request.  

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Number: 087 4118830

When preparing your quilt for Longarm Quilting it should be separate from your backing and wadding. If you are bringing your own backing and wadding, please prepare by ironing the top and backing and cutting it to the correct size, joining any backing that needs to be joined.  Backing and wadding should be 4" bigger on all sides than the finished quilt top, to allow it to attach to the machine. 

Quilts can be sent by post on request.